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The Women's Bible Study Conference was started by a group of women who had a deep concern for those in local churches and fellowships who had little opportunity to get away from their churches, homes and many responsibilities for a weekend to themselves.

The weekend has provided an oasis for many hundreds of women. It has given them the opportunity to receive Bible teaching from some of the best and most able speakers. They have been able to enjoy joining with other Christians - many with problems similar to their own - to find out that other people have difficulties telling friends and neighbours about the Lord Jesus; have problems with difficult teenagers, with their own personal relationship with the Lord, with others in their churches and many many other topics. Women have enjoyed just getting together and talking at the meal table - over meals which they have not had to prepare or worry about and which will be cleared away and washed up by someone else.

For many years the conference was held in Weston-Super-Mare but, because the demand was always greater than the places available, the venue was changed in 1998 to the Trecarn Hotel in Babbacombe, Torquay, Devon. We celebrated 50 years in 2008 with a move to the Rew Hotels – Livermead House and Livermead Cliff Hotels. 

We celebrate our 66th Anniversary in 2024, and we look forward to seeing how God will use us.

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