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Pink Sand

Clare is married to Greg and has 6 amazing children, most of whom have left home. We have one adopted daughter left at home who is about to do her GCSEs, but we actually live in a Christian Community House with around ten other young adults!

It’s been an amazing experience living with over 150 people in the last 20 years, we have loved it and feel very committed to a way of life that is shared with others, including at times refugees and people in recovery. I am on the leadership team at Woodlands Church in Bristol and have been involved in leading the Wholeness and Healing Ministry there. I love to help people find their identity in God and discover the resources that God gives us to live in freedom and fullness of life.

I’m Laura and am married to James. We have two children and live in a small village on the outskirts of Bristol. I love the countryside and enjoy walks in vast, green open spaces. I lead the Children’s Ministry at Woodlands Church in Bristol along with the WTC theology hub. I love people and have a heart for everyone to find and follow Jesus and know the life in all its fullness that only He can bring. I enjoy creating spaces where people can meet with God and love the opportunity the prophetic gift has in calling out the gold in people and revealing more of His heart for them.

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